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Company Journey


  • 20102010

    UWE Yoga factory established, focusing on providing high-quality yoga apparel. Started selling own-brand yoga apparel and accessories in the local market.

  • 20122012

    Due to increasing demand, the company expanded its production capacity and introduced OEM services, collaborating with partners to manufacture customized yoga apparel.

  • 20132013

    Won the first prize in the 1st China Fitness Apparel Design Competition.

  • 20142014

    Sign strategic cooperation agreements with fabric suppliers to ensure stable and timely supply of high-quality fabrics in order to serve customers better.

  • 20162016

    Began venturing into international markets.

  • 20172017

    Obtained ISO9001 certification and ISO14001 certification.

  • 20182018

    Introduction of ODM services to design and produce a range of proprietary yoga products to cater to diverse customer needs.

  • 20192019

    Became the designated supplier of fitness clothes for "I Sports My Healthy City Games".

  • 2020-20222020-2022

    During the challenging years of the COVID-19 pandemic, UWE Yoga persevered and continued to grow by expanding its international market share through online channels and cross-border e-commerce. Become a Verified Supplier of Alibaba.

  • 20232023

    Committed to sustainability, the company promotes environmental awareness and adopts more eco-friendly materials and production methods to minimize its impact on the environment.