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Founder’s Story


Ten years ago, burdened by the long hours spent sitting at a desk, she felt increasingly uncomfortable in her own body. Determined to improve her physical well-being, she turned to exercise. Starting with running, she hoped to find suitable sportswear that would enable her to stay committed to her fitness routine. However, finding the right active wear proved to be a daunting task. From style and fabric to design details and even colors, there were many factors to consider.

Embracing the philosophy of "All We Do Is For You" and driven by the goal of providing women with the most comfortable sportswear, she embarked on the journey of creating the UWE Yoga apparel brand. She delved deep into research, focusing on fabrics, design details, styles, and colors.

She firmly believed that "health is the sexiest form of beauty." Attaining a state of well-being, both inside and out, exuded a unique allure—an authentic and natural sensuality. It made our skin radiant and our eyes vibrant. It instilled confidence and grace, accentuating the beauty of our body's contours. It bestowed us with a light and powerful stride, radiating energy.


After a period of time, her body gradually recovered, and her overall condition improved significantly. She gained control over her weight and felt more confident and beautiful.

She realized that regardless of age, every woman should love herself and embrace her own unique beauty. She believed that active women could showcase their health and individuality at all times.

Sports can make women always show their health and personality.

Designed with simplicity and timelessness in mind, these pieces prioritized flexibility and comfort, allowing for unrestricted movement during various yoga poses and maintaining balance. Their minimalist style made them easy to mix and match with other clothing items, reflecting personal style and preferences.


With the UWE Yoga brand, she aimed to empower women to embrace their health, beauty, and individuality. The carefully crafted active wear was not only functional but also stylish, supporting women in their fitness journeys while making them feel confident and comfortable.

Driven by the belief that fitness and fashion can coexist harmoniously, she sought to inspire women to celebrate their bodies, embrace self-love, and radiate their unique sense of style. UWE Yoga became a symbol of empowerment, providing women with sportswear that catered to their comfort, versatility, and personal expression.

She was dedicated to the art of yoga apparel, finding beauty in symmetry and balance, straight lines and curves, simplicity and intricacy, understated elegance and subtle embellishments. To her, designing yoga apparel was like conducting an endless symphony of creativity, forever playing a harmonious melody. She once said, "A woman's fashion journey knows no bounds; it is a captivating and ever-evolving adventure."