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Custom Hoodie Cotton Unisex Oversized Crew Neck Sweatshirts

Supports full customization, supports samples.Casual Top – Loose-fitting, round neck, drop-shoulder, relaxed, simple top.


Place of Origin:China

Supply Type:OEM service

Printing Methods:Digital Print

Technics:Automated cutting


Brand Name:Uwell/OEM

Model Number:U15YS04

Age Group:Adults

Style:Shirts & Tops



Product Detail

Product Tags


Hoodie Feature

Breathable, lightweight, Seamless

Hoodie Material

100% Cotton

Pattern Type


7 days sample order lead time


Place of Origin


Supply Type

OEM service

Printing Methods

Digital Print


Automated cutting



Brand Name


Model Number


Age Group



Shirts & Tops

Fabric Weight

350 Grams

Suitable for season

Summer, winter, spring, autumn

Hoodie Size


Error range


Hoodie Function


Hoodie Pattern

Solid colour

Hoodie Sleeve length

Long sleeve


100% Cotton

Application scenario

Running sports, fitness equipment


Cotton T-shirt


This heavyweight round neck macaron sweater for men and women's outerwear is the highlight of the season with its unique design and premium fabric. The unisex OVERSIZE dropped shoulder design combines trendiness with comfort perfectly. Made from 300G combed cotton, the fabric is softer and warmer compared to others, ensuring a cozy wearing experience.

Moreover, we don't compromise on craftsmanship. From yarn to fabric weaving, every step is meticulously crafted to ensure the best texture and comfort. This sweater not only looks stylish but also becomes more pronounced in texture the longer you wear it, exuding confidence and charm in fashion trends.

The sweater features candy-colored hues, fresh and lovely, allowing you to have a colorful outfit in winter. The printed logo design adds a sense of fashion, showcasing individuality and taste.

Combed cotton itself has excellent breathability and moisture absorption, providing a refreshing and comfortable wearing experience. Whether for leisure or outdoor activities, this sweater will be your top choice. Experience this sweater now and feel the comfort and confidence it brings!

We are a leading sports bra manufacturer with our own sports bra factory. We specialize in producing high-quality sports bras, offering comfort, support, and style for active lifestyles.


1. Material: made from breathable fabrics like polyester or nylon blends for comfort.

2. Stretch and fit: Ensure the shorts have enough elasticity and fit well for unrestricted movement.

3. Length: Select the length that suits your activity and preference.

4. Waistband design: Opt for a suitable waistband, like elastic or drawstring, to keep the shorts in place during exercise.

5. Inner lining: Decide if you prefer shorts with built-in support like briefs or compression shorts.

6. Activity-specific: Choose tailored to your sports needs, such as running or basketball shorts.

7. Color and style: Pick colors and styles that match your taste and add enjoyment to your workouts.

8. Try: Always try on the shorts to check the fit and comfort.


Customized Service

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Customized Fabrics

Customized Fabrics

Customized Sizing

Customized Sizing

Customized Colors

Customized Colors

Customized Logo

Customized Logo

Customized Packaging

Customized Packaging

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