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Tie-dye Yoga Jumpsuit New Arrival Activewear Bodysuit For Women

Tight seamless yoga jumpsuit shock-absorbing and back-flattering short jumpsuit

  • Place of Origin: China
  • Brand Name: Uwell/OEM
  • Model Number: U15YS102
  • Supply Type: OEM service
  • Material: 10% Spandex / 90% Nylon
  • Size: S-M-L
  • Yoga Jumpsuit Fit for season: Summer, winter, spring, autumn
  • Application Scenarios: Running sports, fitness equipment
  • Yoga Jumpsuit Pattern: tie-dye
  • Upper and lower loading classification: Jumpsuit
  • Product Detail

    Product Tags


    Place of Origin


    Brand Name


    Yoga Jumpsuit Model Number


    Age Group


    Yoga Jumpsuit Feature

    Breathable, QUICK DRY, lightweight, Seamless, Sweat-Wicking

    Supply Type

    OEM service

    Printing Methods

    Digital Print

    Yoga Jumpsuit Material

    10% Spandex / 90% Nylon

    Yoga Jumpsuit Technology

    Automated cutting

    Yoga Jumpsuit Gender


    Yoga Jumpsuit Style


    Pattern Type


    7 days sample order lead time


    Yoga Jumpsuit Fit for season

    Summer, winter, spring, autumn

    Application Scenarios

    Running sports, fitness equipment

    Yoga Jumpsuit Size


    Yoga Jumpsuit Pattern


    Upper and lower loading classification


    Type of clothing

    Tight fitting

    Yoga Jumpsuit Margin of error


    Yoga Jumpsuit Function


    Yoga Jumpsuit Season of market year

    In summer 2023

                                                                              product details
    • The halter-neck shorts jumpsuit is suitable for various sports such as yoga, fitness, dance, aerobic exercises, providing athletes with greater freedom of movement.
    • Highly elastic and breathable fabric, designed to fit the natural curves of the body, closely hugging the body without any loose parts, reducing unnecessary friction and restrictions, providing a better sense of comfort.
    • The upper part of the top features a halter-neck and open-back design, while the lower part of the shorts has a seamless front and a butt-lifting design at the back, perfectly showcasing female charm with elegance and grace.
    • It can also be worn as everyday innerwear and paired with other clothing for various outfits.

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    1. Material: Pick jumpsuits made of breathable fabrics like nylon, polyester, and spandex for comfort.

    2. Stretch and fit: Ensure the jumpsuit offers enough elasticity and fits well to allow unrestricted movement.

    3. Built-in pads and lining: Decide if you need extra support or lining in the jumpsuit.

    4. Style: Choose a jumpsuit that suits your preferences and sports activities.

    5. Suitability for sports: Ensure the jumpsuit is appropriate for your specific sports.

    6. Waist design: Opt for a jumpsuit with a suitable waist style for comfortable support.

    7. Try it on: Always try on the jumpsuit to check fit and flexibility.

    8. Season suitability: Choose fabric and thickness suitable for the climate.


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